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The goal of all Medicine Shield Pathways workshops is Self-Empowerment of the participant. We provide tools to allow self-healing.  Our philosophy is that all healing is accomplished through an individual's selfhood.  Most "dis-ease" is rooted in an aspect of the "greater being", and these workshops offer techniques to change belief systems or break energy blocks allowing one to catalyze self-healing and ideas . . . To come to a place of balance and harmony, wholeness, and joy.

Workshops can vary in length, cost, and class size. Depending on the topic, workshops can be structured to last from 3 hours to a full week. Workshops can be a single evening activity, a weekend retreat, a week long gathering, or anything in between. See the Events Schedule page for information on upcoming workshops.

Please contact us if you are interested in including our workshops in festivals or other events. We are available and can travel for events outside of our area.

Call or email to schedule private or group events and sessions


Reiki Training:  Levels I, II, III Reiki Master - Certification in Reiki is offered at three levels.  Reiki Training conveys upon the initiate Reiki Natural Healing Attunement, which facilitates and enhances the flow of the Universal Life Force Energy, allowing the practitioner to become a conduit for the healing energy to flow to the client.  Instruction and practice is given on basic hand positions and techniques used in a Reiki Healing Session.  The history and philosophy of Reiki is presented as the student begins their journey into becoming a Reiki practitioner.  Reiki Training allows the initiate to receive Reiki Natural Healing Attunement to facilitate and enhance the flow of the Universal Life Force Energy, which allows the practitioner to become a conductor of the healing energy that flows through their hands to the client.  This teaching offers training and certification in EnergyWork Techniques, which provide skills enabling the practitioner to assist in the support of health and wholeness of body, mind and spirit.  Certification in Traditional Usui Reiki, based on the teachings of the founder of Reiki, Mikao Usui, and held by the linage of Hawayo Takata Sensei, is offered through this program.  We are Energy Beings...Beings of Light.  In optimum
health the life force flows strongly through us, as we enjoy ideal connection with this life force.  Reiki Training aligns you with the Reiki Energy, allowing you to act as a channel for that healing Reiki Energy.  This facilitates healing in body, mind, and spirit for yourself as well as for those touched by your practice.  From expansion of consciousness, support of spiritual growth, intuitive connection, to stress relief and pain management, Reiki powerfully impacts life.

Mask of the Shaman:  Shamanism is defined as the technique of working in non-ordinary reality (or in other dimensions) to create a certain outcome. When we dream or in certain meditations we work with non-ordinary reality. This workshop uses guided meditation to connect the participant with their magical shamanic self, allowing that wisdom to be accessed for guidance and enlightenment. A plaster life mask is created from the individual's face as a symbolic base representing the energy connected with during the journey. This mask is then decorated and can be employed in future shamanic work.   This exercise facilitates the anchoring of the empowered self into conscious awareness so that enlightened transformation may begin.  

Dreamcatcher Workshop - Creating your Heart's Desires:  We are co-creators of our reality - whatever we focus our thought energy upon becomes our reality as soon as enough energy is gathered to bring that creation into this dimension.  Once critical mass is achieved the intention is manifested in physical reality, due to the laws of attraction.  Participants will use the creation of a personal dreamcatcher as a focal point to 'weave the web of their heart's desires' into manifestation in this dimension that we experience as our physical reality.  Through guided meditation we journey into 'Dreamtime' to powerfully connect to our 'Heart's Desires' that we may clearly connect with that energy, bringing our desires into this dimension in our daily life.

Ancient Art of Runic Divination:  The Runes are a system of ancient glyphs, which have been employed for thousands of years to connect with the archetypal forces of nature.  This workshop will introduce you to the meaning of each rune and offer a few spreads for employing their use in divination.  The Rune Stones are an Ancient Shamanic tool of the indigenous peoples of Northwestern Europe which were used to divine the future, as well as employed in other practices.  This comprehensive introduction to runic divination begins with an overview of the history and origins of the runes as a shamanic tool.  We continue with an understanding of the energy represented by these glyphs and then delve into the esoteric and mundane meanings associated with the individual runes.  Several spreads will be presented which may be applied in runic readings.  There will be hands on practice to complete this introduction.  

Shamanic Pathway to Personal Healing -  Empower Yourself:  This presentation touches on the elements of a "Wholistic Way" to energetic health of body, mind, and spirit.  The Human being is a multidimensional light being.   In order to live in balance and homeostasis in this stressful environment we must keep the flow of the life force as strong and free flowing as possible. Using techniques of dynamic breathing, meditation, and movement we may empower the being to function at its optimal level bringing harmony, balance, and vitality.  Understanding the chakra system as well as the nature of energy in our physical dimension allows us to use our being as a tool to create our heart's desire and bring our intentions into our life experience.

Creating Sacred Ritual:  Ritual is a free form focus of prayer or intent to create a specific result or outcome.  This workshop offers an understanding of the elements that comprise the form, and how they can be applied in manifesting your intentions and desires.  We look at what aspects are involved in creating an altar or sacred space.  Techniques are explored for gathering and focusing energy, as well as cleansing and purification in preparation for ceremony.  This exploration of possible procedure, gives a basis on which to create your sacred ceremonies.   From candle magic to the making of talismans, we explore the sacred and experience ritual.

Building Sacred Sweat Lodge Workshop:  Spiritual Harmony gives beauty to our lives. Join us for a unique opportunity to experience the healing of the sacred sweat lodge, from participation in its construction to an actual sweat lodge ceremony. This is a full day workshop in which we immerse ourselves in the experience of the ceremony of sacred purification. The construction of the Lodge is the focus through which spiritual principles are experienced and teachings are illustrated.

Hatha Yoga:  Learn a program of yoga postures, which will offer a total body workout.  Working with all major muscle groups, and massaging the internal organs, aid toxin removal from the tissues and organs promoting health and vitality. This will be an introduction to the principles of stretching, and breathing to promote health.  We will learn how to bring the elements of body, mind, and spirit together to assist in creating an optimum physical experience.

Aikido: The martial art of love. Connect with the principles of energy to redirect an attack. Through the application of principles of the Martial Arts, learn to manipulate your reality.  Walk in Harmony, by learning to center self and move from a calm center, which leads one to harmonize with all that life sends your way.

Meditation:  Explore the elements and techniques of meditation.  This introduction is meant to help those who have no experience with meditation to develop a useful practice.  Starting with the basics of posture, through an understanding of energy, to techniques for mental focus we will explore the basics so you may begin your meditation practice.

Beginning Tarot:  The evolution of the Human Being is a phenomenon, which has been studied since man has been conscious of this growth process.  The Tarot is a ‘Book of Mysteries’, which speaks to this process.  Come join the fun, the community, and the evolution of your soul's journey as we begin our walk into the mysteries of the Tarot.  We will begin to layer the depth of teachings in the Beginning Tarot, building on these skills in the advanced class, so that a novice may easily master the use of the Tarot as a tool of divination, within the first beginning session.  The intention of this workshop is to facilitate access to the teachings offered by the Tarot so that one may explore and understand one’s own Life Journey as well as to give enlightenment regarding events, which have been experienced, are being experienced, or will be experienced in the future.  We begin with a brief history of the Tarot.  Then a look at techniques to connect with and expand our intuitive abilities is explored.  The care and feeding of your Tarot Deck is discussed with assistance in choosing the proper deck for you.  We look at each card of the Major and Minor Arcana and offer meanings as well as several spreads, which may be used in your readings.  Finally, lots of hands on practice which gives opportunity for practical instruction.  Positively enhance your Soul’s Expansion in an exciting and educational study of the ancient secrets of the Tarot.  Learn the basics of the tarot with Victoria who brings over 30 yrs. of study to this introductory class. This will be a hands on experiential class. Practice time will be a significant aspect of the class.

Advanced Tarot: Beginning Tarot prerequisite.  We began the layering of information offered by the ‘Ancient Book of Mysteries…The Tarot’, in the Beginning Tarot workshop.  With the Advanced workshop we expand our study with an intense investigation into the symbology represented in the numerology, and mythology.  The Tarot holds an overwhelming amount of information in each card, stored in the symbology of each element of the visual image.  This is the reason we offer the teachings in a layered format.  This session offers a highly critical exploration of this symbology, which enhances one’s understanding of the Tarot and expands the interpretation of one’s readings.  The practical application continues with practice of additional spreads.  We continue our study with an in depth look at the symbology and numerology of the cards.  More spreads...more fun...more practice.

Dynamic Chakra Meditation -- Empower Yourself:  This presentation touches on the elements of a "Wholistic Way" to energetic health of body, mind, and spirit.  The Human being is a multidimensional light being.  In order to live in balance and homeostasis in this stressful environment, we must keep the flow of the life force as strong and free flowing as possible.  Using techniques of dynamic breathing, meditation, and movement we may empower the being to function at its optimal level bringing harmony, balance, and vitality.  Understanding the chakra system as well as the nature of energy in our physical dimension, allows us to use our being as a tool to create our heart's desire and bring our intentions into our life experience.

Drum Making Workshop:  Creating your own spiritual tool, offers an opportunity to empower the instrument to a level unattainable in any other manner.  We first journey between dimensions to connect with our shamanic self, seeking guidance regarding the creation of this sacred instrument, which will assist us in our future vision quests.  The inspiration provided by our guides, totems, or shamanic self then is infused into the making of the drum.  We create a traditional Native American hand drum in ceremony, building the drum by hand.  Materials are provided to create a 16" diameter rawhide drum and beater.  The drum is then blessed and awakened in our drum circle.  Victoria Dancing Swan has walked the shamanic path for over 10 years, having been formally trained by Cherokee Medicine Woman Grandmother Soaring Hawk.

Astrology 101:  Astrology, one of the most ancient sciences practiced throughout human experience...which may be used to bring enlightenment to one's Life purpose, understanding of current circumstance, or insight surrounding potential life events.  Become familiar with the planetary bodies which impact life on earth.  Get clarity of the subtle energies of the planets, signs, and houses as well as familiarize yourself with the relationships between these elements, and how their interaction influences our personal lives.  Obtain tools to assist you in forseeing potential energy focus, so that you may best prepare to take full advantage of your opportunities.  It's fun, it's exciting, and the self-empowerment possibilities are many fold. 

More Astrology:  Now  that we've acquired the basic skills to read the astrological glyphs and relationships of a Horoscope, it is time to use that information to analyze our relationships.  Insights regarding all types of relationships may be found in comparing the charts of two individuals.  We may even come to understand potentials of our businesses, our countries, etc.  All relationships from our romantic partnerships, to our interactions with our children and parents are explored as we continue this astrolocgical exploration.  Find answers to questions such as 'Would a marriage with this person work?', 'Why can't I get along with my parent?', 'When would be the most auspicious time to open my business?', 'What is the energy surrounding my health?'.  It's all in the chart. 

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