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Spiritual Tools

For information about custom made Spiritual Tools, please contact us by e-mail at or call us at (540)-872-2712.

All Spiritual Tools are created in Ceremony and Empowered with the Energies that assist in manifestion the intentions of the individual.

shaman victoria Victoria applies Shamanic techniques to empower all sacred tools created for each individual.  Her study in several mystery school traditions as well as training with Cherokee Medicine Woman Grandmother Soaring Hawk, allows these creations to achieve powerful impact.

Examples of Potential Comissioned Creations
(All pictures are thumbnails.  Click on any image below to see a larger image.)
Dreamcatchers . . . Journey through Dreamtime
Yellowbird Dreamcatcher Redtail Dreamcatcher Dancing Feather DreamCatcher
Yellowtail Dreamcatcher
Bluebird Dreamcatcher
Dream Dancer Dreamcatcher
  Dreamcatchers allow only harmonious energies to pass to the dreamer as well as allowing the dreamer to influence the     experience of non-dreamtime.

Rune Sets . . . Ancient Tools of Divination
Gia's Runes wampum rune set Isis' Runes
Goddess Runes Ohdin's Runes Ancient Art of Divination using the sacred glyphs which represent the energies of creation.  Created with non-invasive techniques.

Shamanic Tools
Bear Drum (laying flat) White Dance fan
Bear Drum (standing) Eagle Fan
Tools to use in Sacred         Spiritual Work             
Turtle Rattle
StarWolf  Drum
LittleBear Totem Drum

Scrying Mirrors 
Scrying Mirror Scrying is a divination technique used by  Nostradamus and others to see the future.  Gaze into it's depths!

Regalia - Enter the Sacred Hoop
eagle choker necklace Cougar  claw necklace
Beaded Feathers Necklace
Buckskin bags
Swan beaded headband
Buckskin accessories
Beaded hair accessories
Beaded jewlery
Beaded Arrow & Lightning belt
Beaded High-top mocs
Deer leg knife

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