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Rev. Victoria J. Antonich HT, MLT (ASCP)
Founder of Medicine Shield Pathways…Many Paths to Personal Empowerment and Healing.

Victoria channels spiritual guidance, bringing healing and empowerment to her clients and clarity to issues.  A healer, and teacher of many spiritually enlightening workshops as well as a gifted psychic, she has located missing persons and articles, pinpointed medical issues, connected others with their departed loved ones, assisted clients in discovering the proper location to make their home, determined the best time for career changes, and added insight regarding best career path pursuit.  Using the mediums of tarot, astrology, rune stones, psychometry, & palmistry, guidance on marriage & romantic timing and outcome has been successfully communicated yielding many thriving relationships, and marriages.                                                                                                                                                                     

Victoria, an ordained minister, formally educated shamanic medicine woman, 4th generation psychic, and Reiki Master Teacher, draws on many mediums to access  spiritual guidance.  Victoria has for many years conducted a psychic and healing practice with the aid and guidance of an upper level, seventh density causal layer soul group she has channeled since childhood.  Victoria’s approach, inspired by her ever present higher plane teachers, is unusually broad, multifaceted, and multi-disciplinary in scope and will provide opportunities for profound new vistas to be opened, shared and experienced by all.  Victoria is a native of Pennsylvania and has been dedicated to Spiritual pursuits throughout her life.  In addition to being a fourth generation psychic, ordained minister, and higher plane channel, Victoria is a Reiki Master Teacher, martial arts triple dan (1st place kata, in her black belt division at the Uechi-Ryu World Championships in 1995), pipe carrier (medicine woman) in the Native American tradition (Sioux/Seneca), and multi-dimensional healing practitioner.  For several years Victoria had been one of the resident psychics with the first metaphysical bookshop in Richmond, Va., and she regularly provides consultations and/or conducts classes in Native American spirituality and healing practices, plus tarot, astrology, runic divination, palmistry, and Reiki both there and elsewhere, and also finds time to conduct Native American SweatLodge Ceremony at her home in Louisa County.  Inspired by her causal plane teachers, Victoria’s broad-spectrum approach renders her a veritable ‘Renaissance Woman’ in the field of spiritual practice and endeavor.

Victoria Antonich brings an eclectic approach to the pursuit of physical and spiritual healing.  Her field of interest has grown from the traditional medical model to the study of the body's response to alternative forms of healing.  Victoria's formal clinical training began as a Histotechnologist in the clinical pathology laboratory.  Since 1988 she has pursued a mind, body, spirit model of study, focusing on Kiatsu, Healing Touch, and Reiki.  She is a Reiki Master and Teacher.  These modalities incorporate using the body's own healing responses to aid in restoration of physical well being.  Since Victoria incorporates a body, mind and spirit approach to all of her pursuits, it is from this perspective that her counseling practice draws, taking advantage of the totality of her experience.

Victoria is a 4th generation psychic who has been reading for the public for over 40 years. Channeling Spiritual guidance, she uses several mediums to access the information. Through Tarot, Rune Stones, Psychometry, Palmistry, Astrology and Kinesiology, information is gathered to give clarity to an issue or situation.  Victoria is an ordained minister who has pursued her healing ministry for over 10 years.  Insights from this Spiritual work as well as those gleaned from her Shamanic studies with a Cherokee Medicine Woman, allow Victoria to bring a unique perspective to her sessions and classes.

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