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...Many Paths To Personal Empowerment & Healing

Medicine Shield Pathways is dedicated to helping people find harmony in body-mind-spirit. This is accomplished through spiritual and personal growth workshops, energy work (including Reiki, Kiatsu, and Healing Touch), yoga and meditation instruction, and psychic, intuitive counseling. Our goal is to provide people with the spiritual tools that can help them heal and grow into their full potential.
Discover Your Path To Personal Empowerment and Healing

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Spiritual Workshops
We offer a wide variety of spiritual and personal growth workshops.  Life altering experiences in a creative and experiencial format.  For more information, see our Workshop Descriptions or our Events Schedule for upcoming workshops and retreats. 

Reiki Certification
We offer certification through our traditional Usui Reiki Program.   This Powerful Healing modality will transform your life, supporting the healing of self as well as those who are touched by your practice.  For more information see our Workshop Descriptions or and our Events Schedule for upcoming class schedules and descriptions.

Psychic/Intuitive Counseling
We offer intuitive and psychic counseling, incorporating rune stones, tarot, astrology and experience in shamanic traditions, blended with spiritual healing and energy work techniques.  Please contact us if you are interested in or feel the need for guidance through spiritual counseling.  Phone: (540)872-2712.

Spiritual Tools
Spiritual tools are offered to assist you in attaining the level of consciousness expansion you seek.  Custom made tools are available, such as dreamcatcher, rune sets, hand drums, rattles, and many other spiriual accessories.   For examples of possibilities see our Spiritual Tools section.

Energy Work
We offer Energy Work using the techniques of Reiki, Healing Touch, and Kiatsu, to help balance the internal and external energy systems and create harmony in body-mind-spirit.  Energy Work provides many benefits, including reduced stress and increased energy, focused mental ability, expansion of consciousness which increases intuitive connection, facilitation of healthful flow of Life Force Energy supporting the 'Well Being' of the total Self.  For more information, see our section on Energy Work or contact us through e-mail at or call us at (540)872-2712.

Past Life Regression
Access memories of Past Lives to understand current life challenges, perspectives, instincts, and karmic relationships.   Understanding and experiencing these past lives, provides information to heal and evolve the soul in this current life.  Through guided meditation, an individual is connected with the energies of past lives so that they may experience those lives.  The symbols and experiences from those lives are then examined to give illumination to present life issues, which assists in creating peaceful flow in this current life journey.   

Soul Retrieval
Retrieve elements of the soul, which have been lost in response to trauma, bringing peace of mind and wholeness to the being.  Soul fracture is evidenced by many disfunctional behaviors.  Ancient Shamanic cultures brought the individual to harmony and wholness with soul retrieval techniques.  Experience gentle healing, bringing harmony to body, mind, emotions, and spirit , powerfully impacting life experience, through receiving a soul retrieval session. 

Yoga and Meditation
From guided assistance in learning the basics of meditation to classes and workshops in meditation and Hatha Yoga, we offer ways to help you grow in learning to work with your own body-mind-spirit trinity.  For more information, see our Workshop Descriptions or our Events Schedule for yoga and meditation classes. 

Educational Materials
Instructional material based on the workshop titled Dynamic Chakra Breathing -- Empower Yourself .  See our Educational Materials for specific information. 

Dynamic Chakra Meditation - CD One: Instructional guided meditation on CD or audio cassette.  Instruction is given in the structure and frequencies of the Chakra system of the body with techniques illustrating how to work with this system.  Then guided meditations are offered through the energy system.

Dynamic Chakra Meditation - CD Two: Advanced instruction bringing the pertinent organs and glands of the body into the system which can then be used to manifest your intended reality in this dimension.

  Astrology Tutorial -   Basic astrology information is given in this tutorial as we use current astrological configuations to present
                                                astrology basics.  Astrology Tutorial

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