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Energy Work   

You are an Energy Being...A Being of Light.  Optimum health requires perfect flow of the Universal Life Force throughout your Energy field.  Energize, clear, and balance your Chakras and Energy Field, removing energy blocks and Promoting Health and Well Being with these Energy Modalities.

Energy Work increases the flow of the Universal Life Force by balancing your internal and external energy systems, using the techniques of Healing Touch, Kiatsu, and Reiki to promote harmony in body-mind-spirit.

Energy Work Benefits Us By:
* Promotes Health & Wellness of the Organism
• Reducing Stress
• Increasing Energy
• Opening the Energy System of the body
• Promoting and Supporting Healing
• Centering and Expanding Our Consciousness
• Supporting Healing of the total Self

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Energy-work is performed by Victoria Antonich, Reiki Master/Teacher, HT, MLT (A.S.C.P.), a native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  She brings an eclectic approach to the pursuit of physical and spiritual healing.  Her field of interest has grown from the traditional medical model to the study of the body's response to alternative forms of healing.  Her formal clinical training began as a Histotechnologist in a clinical pathology laboratory.  Since 1988 she has pursued a mind, body, spirit model of study, focusing on Healing Touch, Kiatsu, and Reiki in her private practice.  These modalities incorporate using the body's own healing responses to aid in restoration of physical well being.

What is EnergyWork?
Energy work is a non-invasive technique that uses the laying on of hands as well as techniques performed in the energy aura or field, surrounding the body.  The client usually lies on a massage table, fully clothed, removing only their shoes.  The practitioner then connects with the Life Force Energy or Ki, Chi, or Prana.  This energy, which is the vital Life Force essence is moved through the energy system of the practitioner to facilitate the flow through the energy system of the client.  The practitioner then acts as a connection or
channel for the energy, or a booster/transformer, so that the client has the opportunity to access a healing frequency which can then be used by the client to assist their harmonious balance, and facilitate healing in body/mind/spirit. 

Certification in Usui Reiki is offered by Sensei Antonich.  Contact us for information regarding class schedules and tuition. 

Advanced Energy Practice Training in other disciplines is also available.


We are Energy Beings...Beings of Light.  In optimum health the life force flows strongly through us, as we enjoy ideal connection with this life force.  Reiki Training aligns you specifically with the Reiki Energy frequency, allowing you to act as a more efficient channel for life supporting Reiki Energy.  This facilitates healing in body, mind, and spirit for yourself as well as for those touched by your practice.  From expansion of consciousness, support of spiritual growth, intuitive connection, to stress relief, pain management, and support of physical health and healing, Reiki powerfully impacts life.

The Usui Reiki System of Manual Healing, is a healing modality consisting of laying on of hands, to facilitate the transference of healing energy from the Universal Consciousness to the client.  This system was re-discovered over 100 years ago by Buddhist priest Mikao Usui, and is rooted in the ancient Tibetan Buddhist healing traditions.  It is a conference of a skill, and from the perspective of traditional Buddhist teachings is therefore an ordination.   Consequently the pursuit of Reiki training is a life altering experience.  Mikao Usui was of Japanese decent and the presentation of these teachings is approached from that traditional perspective.  

Reiki Certification consists of 4 sets of attunements per student, conferred through an intensive seminar environment.  We will learn and practice Reiki hand positions,  with instruction in how to perform a Reiki session for a client.  The History and theory is presented along with the practical techniques and the Reiki ordination, consisting of 4 attunements, which align the practitioner with the Reiki Healing Energy.

Reiki Training allows the initiate to receive Reiki Natural Healing Attunement to facilitate and enhance the flow of the Universal Life Force Energy.  This assists the practitioner to become a conduit for this healing energy to flow in a focused manner through the hands.


Rev. Victoria J. Antonich, Reiki Master/Teacher, is the instructor for this program of Reiki Training.  Antonich Sensei has been teaching Oriental Arts since the early ‘80’s.  She brought her EnergyWork Practice to Richmond in the early 90’s, in which she employs Reiki, Kiatsu, Healing Touch, and other esoteric techniques.  Her Health Science background, as a Histotechnologist, expands her knowledge base from which she may draw, in her Energy Practice.


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