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Third edition.
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Dynamic Chakra Breathing Meditation -- CD One
This beginning instructional information introduces the Human Chakra system based on the 13 major chakras of the energy system presented by Medicine Shield Pathways.  It is through our chakra system that we connect to the Life Force Energy which is necessary for our health and well-being.  This introduction instructs you in this Energy System of the body and then gives you guided meditation so that you may practice the techniques offered in this teaching.  Instruction is also given in the Energy Field Expansion Technique.  The practice of the techniques of this Dynamic Chakra Breathing Meditation opens and empowers the Human Energy System.  Optimum health requires the perfect flow of the Universal Life Force through the energy system of the body.  The Energy Field Expansion technique then encapsulates the empowered and balanced energy system within an energized field, optimizing the total energy being.  The empowered being may then express the optimum potential on all dimensions of the Total Human Being.   This presentation is layed upon a background of drum and flute music.

Dynamic Chakra Breathing Meditation -- CD Two
This advanced information adds the organs and endocrine glands associated with the 13 chakras giving you a system which brings vitality to all aspects of the human organism and can then be used to create your intended reality in this dimension.  Instruction in the Heart's Desire meditation is also presented. The unique instrument of  body, mind, and spirit, working in harmony, may be focused to influence manifestation in this physical reality.  Guided meditations allowing practice are also offered, accompanied by gentle drum and flute music.

Why practice these techniques?
Practice of these techniques increases the flow of Universal Life Force Energy thoughout the Body, Mind , and Spirit.  This reduces stress, calms and centers the mind, increases consciousness and expands intuitive ability. This practice facilitates connection with your inner guidance.  Increased energy, supports the health and well-being of the physical body, as well as bringing peace to mind and spirit.  This material allows you to learn to use this natural tool that is the energy system of the body, to influence your experience of this Life's Journey.  This is a synthesis of the ancient teachings of the mystery schools of wisdom and the understandings realized by modern science, of the essence of being Human.

Reiki Certification Programs :  Applications for acceptance into the Reiki Certification Program may be made via email or phone.  Contact Sensei Antonich at 540-872-2712 or, and visit the workshop and energywork page for more information. 

Astrological Tutorials :  We are adding a new element to the site with some astrological information in the form of a tutorial as well as our take on upcoming transits.  Enjoy.  Astrological Tutorial         Current Astrological Perspectives

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