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Medicine Shield Pathways is dedicated to helping people find harmony in body-mind-spirit.  This is accomplished through spiritual and personal growth workshops, energy work (including Reiki, Kiatsu, Healing Touch, soul retrieval and past life regressions), instruction in yoga, meditation and martial arts, as well as through psychic/intuitive counseling.  Medicine Shield Pathways...many pathways to personal healing and spiritual enlightenment.


Medicine Shield Pathways is a teaching or spiritual practice facilitated by Victoria Antonich, a native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with over 30 years of study and professional experience in psychic divination, martial arts, Native Spirituality and Energy-based healing.  She brings an eclectic approach to the pursuit of physical and spiritual healing.  Her field of interest has grown from the traditional medical model to the study of the body's response to alternative forms of healing.  Victoria started her formal clinical training as a Histotechnologist in a clinical pathology laboratory.  Since the 1980's she has pursued a mind, body, spirit model of study, focusing on Reiki, Kiatsu, and Healing Touch in her Energy-work practice, past life regressions, soul retrievals, and providing instruction in Reiki, yoga, aikido, karate, meditation, intuitive drumming, Sweat Lodge Ceremony, along with Shamanic based studies.  She is an ordained minister serving her community in the Richmond, Virginia area as a Spiritual Counselor, Teacher and Energy-work practitioner.

Victoria is available and can travel for events outside of her geographical area. Please contact us if you are interested in including our workshops at festivals or other events.



I have really enjoyed both Reiki classes that Victoria instructed.  I felt very empowered with each attunement and marvel at being able to connect with and share energy.  It has been a blessing.  I urge anyone who feels an inclination to learn more about Reiki to consult with   Victoria and allow her to direct them.      ---Sheryl, Richmond, Va.

Victoria Antonich teaches several of the most in depth classes on Astrology, Energy and Tarot that I have ever seen.  You come out with a clear understanding and the ability to read and interpret the cards and stars as you can handle, and then some.  Of course you have just taken your early or medium steps, and you get out of the class what you put into it, under the guidance of a very talented teacher.
The energy class allows you to meditate better and to create a better place in and for your life.       ---Don Varney, Arizona

I have taken both Victoria's beginner and advanced tarot classes and a dynamic breathing class.  They were fantastic and informative from both a historical and intuitive perspective.  Victoria is not only a wonderful reader, but a wonderful and accessible teacher as well.  I would recommend her classes in any area.            —KF, New York

I loved Victoria's course on Introduction to Tarot.  It was fun! I learned to connect to my energy power in a way that I can use it to help others understand issues in their lives.  Victoria is very knowledgeable and charming.  I recommend her class to others who want to tap into their spiritual growth.        ---CN, Richmond, Va.

I have taken a number of Victoria’s classes including Tarot, Runes, and Astrology.  Victoria’s understanding of these sacred teachings and the way she conveys the information has been a tremendous gift to me.  She has such a genuine interest in her student’s development and our ability to incorporate these teachings into our existing practices.  I would highly recommend her classes to anyone who is looking to enrich their life.        ---Jodi Urban, Richmond, Va.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Victoria Antioch for over one year, having taken five classes from her during that time period.

Victoria is a gifted teacher with an incredible depth of knowledge in Tarot, Astrology, Runes, and Native American spiritual beliefs and practices.  She has a talent for making her classes fun, while at the same time taking the time to answer all questions and ensuring that people have a good grasp of the information.

Victoria has a Coyote-like way for respectfully transferring spiritual knowledge in a fun and irreverent manner.

          ---Martha S. Turner

The Reiki I and II Certification with Victoria has been a very rewarding experience.  The classes have a very nice flow to them, and the student to teacher ratio is perfect.  With so many Reiki classes available out there to choose from, my concern was finding someone that was more aligned with a traditional aspect of Reiki.  Victoria does a very nice job with this.  Her energy is evident and her classes are great.  I highly recommend them to anyone looking for Reiki Certifications.           ---Jayson 

I could easily make an essay out of the experience I’ve gained from these classes.  But I really feel things would be best said by simply saying; Victoria is the best teacher I could ever think of in the areas of Tarot, Astrology, Runes and the Healing Arts.  When you take these classes, you don’t just learn.  You master the craft.            --- AC, Richmond, Va.

The Reiki I class offers a philosophical and practical understanding of the principals of Reiki.  Victoria frames the teaching in a spiritual light that is very deep and moving.  I found the experience to be very powerful and transformative.         ---lma, Richmond, Va.


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