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In case anyone out there didn't notice a shift in 2012
I suggest there was a big one!  I certainly noticed and many others have as well.
Rebirth is complete at one level, so we will resume our sharing of these notable
energies as soon as site redesign and renewal allows.
Spring of 2018
We Have Arrived

Astro Currents & Way

10-8-18 Well folks I fell down on the job again for this New Moon. Some friends were having challenges and the energy has just felt very challenging STILL!!! I keep looking for a smoothing of the seas,, and it hasn't happened nor can I see the calm as yet. So, we must learn to surf the waves. I had assumed this New Moon would show evidence of a new level of alignment with those Noble Principles upon which this country was purported to be anchored. The Cavenah issue was evidence of this demand for truth and honor, I thought. Alas corruption and abuse of power won out yet again. I do realize that the New Moon only signals a planting of a new seed, and perhaps the rumblings of Noble potential are still viable. As I see Creation's Agenda in the symbology of the chart, I will allow,, it just requires time and patience as usual. So onward to the Full Moon interpretation for 10-24-18 12:45p 1*13' Taurus in the 4th House of Home set in D.C...Home of Origin, Home we make in later life, Home of Soul or Core Essence of the Being, as well as 'end' of the matter at hand. The symbology suggests the fruition, with the Full Moon, of energies. One cycle evolving is the seeding from the New Moon, yet as with all of reality...the energies are complex and multidimensional, so that we have several cycles referenced. as evolution continues. The intensity seems active as Uranus in retrograde motion conjuncts the IC = 4th House cusp, which gives more weight to the sudden and dramatic changes inherent in retro the perspective will be a review of changes coming to fruition as the Full Moon is involved. Taurus is about material reality, so we should be able to see the energies in this dimension in some form. My guidance is that humanity is offered conscious awareness of what creations we are calling into being so that we may learn mastery of creating 'The Divine Vision', as soon as we recognize we are experiencing exactly what we perceive the world to be. I see the fine tuning requires us to clearly understand our personal motivations and to steer our emotions and perspectives into alignment with those noble principles and away from Fear, Abuse of Power, Greed, & Exclusion. The path is through relationship with Spiritual energy...that part of our being beyond the mere cellular body, to the relationship with All of Creation. The Ascendant of this Full Moon chart, which gives the frequency or Theme of the chart overall, supports us as we continue to anticipate the material expression of that Most Refined   Frequency...Love/Compassion. Waste'

9-22-18 Equinox 9:55pm and FM 9-24-19 2*00 Aries 19:52pm

Equinox Ascendant Symbology of the theme of this Chart 4* Gem = Holly and mistletoe reawakens old memories of Christmas. A longing for the preintellectual state of immerse self in magical wonder without intellectual intrusion...which may give rise to frustrations in attempts to balance. So this changing of season, hearalds significant spiritual influence, then leads to Full Moon with fruition of Jupiter 21* Scorpio and following personal truth. Equinox DC has Midheaven 11*08 Aquarius with the South Node [what energies we brought in with us for resolution] conjunct Mars 9th House being most elevated thereby giving it more weight. One delineation could be 'Action of Humanity involving beliefs and perspectives [Mars Aq 9th ] Mars is part of an Air Trine involving Sun 0* Libra 5th House con Merc 1*41', Mars 3*07' Aq con SN 4*38' 9th , Asc 3*30' Gem define the Air Trine which supports intellectual understanding [A Trine = easy flow of energies]. Nice of the Universe to stimulate humanity by memories of a time when we 'felt' the magic as was real...we experienced the energy. Later in life, we are required to balance the intellectual truths with what we experienced when our 'reality' came from our Hearts and not our heads. Universal support provides an Air Trine so that our intellectual processes can flow strongly and we my support our consciousness evolution with intellectual balance [Air is an intellectual element]. Mars is at the apex of a wide T-sq [T-square = a configuration holding much energy in dynamic tension...the power to influence reality] Mars sq Ven 7* Sc 6th opp UrR 1*44' Tau, so we still review what changes in daily life to express what we really value. The stress being in humanity/society acting to transfigure beliefs/ will we accomplish this shift in perspective? How will we balance the 'Truth' of our Hearts with the 'Truth' of our Heads in our material reality. I suggest what we 'felt', what we sensed and knew as Truth was the Magic of Spirit. The recognition of a power of 'All Potentiality' beyond what was perceived as mundane reality. We knew the 'Truth' and the 'frustration' only came when we tried to intellectually restrict it. This season change portends our review of what we 'knew', as we seek to make adjustments in this material reality to create balance in daily life flow [Sun 5th quincunx Uranus retro 12th]. The Universe gives more support with the Full Moon in 2 more days.

FM 9-24-18

The evolution continues with the layering of sacred geometries from the astrological configurations. The cosmic bodies relate to one another energetically, creating geometries through their interplanetary magnetic fields, which influence our dimension or reality at a very real level Some of these are experienced as flowing energies as with a Trine, or energies requiring an adjustment in order to flow as in a quincunx, or the empowered tension which supports movement or creation potential as with a square. And so we climb the 'jungle gym' of crystalline layering with the Full Moon...An energy of fruition or completion of one phase of this continuous journey of creation...Leading us up another wrung of the evolutionary ladder.

The Sabian symbology of the Full Moon degree of 2* Aries exact, suggests that a view from a comedians perspective will give clarity. A Comedian reveals human nature...which illustrates the capacity to look objectively at oneself and at others. Comedians look objectively at the frailty of Human nature, using humor or an objective perspective to make the lightly look at behaviors as we strive to refine our consciousness. This represents the attempt to evolve an objective awareness of existence. As this is the degree of the Full Moon, it symbolizes the fruition toward this approach. To reach beyond human nature and personal agenda, to gain a greater understanding. This 'fruition' is supported by Kronos = Aimed creative energy at 12* Cancer exact, illustrating the teaching to 'Look beyond the common appearance to the Soul's unique potential' and Jupiter's powerful influence at 21* Scorpio exact...suggesting an expansion of humanities consciousness rejecting cultural traditions in favor of individual Soul core 'Truth' or Universal truth. To me, this demonstrates the potential of a new level of conscious awareness which strives for a greater truth...a truth that is 'known' at a soul level to be more valid than any socio-culturally biased attitude. It requires us to re-evaluate our beliefs and perspectives about what is of value to existence. Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn are newly direct in apparent motion, which indicates active formation of this expanded consciousness demonstrated in our everyday reality. We will have the opportunity to experience what we have thus far, given form to briefly before Venus stations retro, followed by Mercury, which will givie us an opportunity to review our creations and values from another level. There is a Yod or Finger of God with the Ascendant as apex quincunx Pluto retro Capricorn 8th in D.C. sextile Jupiter Scorpio 6th . This indicates a 'fated' quality to these transformations coming out of the mandate to choose to stand in your soul's truth, or go along with crowd. If we interpret this specifically relevant to the USA it looks like we have another opportunity to walk our talk, as we review what we've created and how it jives with our purported principles.  These exact degrees strongly indicate a significant shift at a Planetary level to integrate core  values and give form to those valued perspectives. 

9-9-18 New Moon 2:01pm 17*00' Virgo D.C. 9th

I find added significance when an element achieves a degree in exactitude with no minutes. We have been watching Creation point to the need for adjustment to beliefs or perspectives relative to the evolution of the Planet and Humanity. Virgo rules daily life flow, critical analysis, and is associated with the Earth element. Venus is also highlighted at 0*15' Scorpio since we notice a planetary change of sign. Venus rules values which includes monetary energies as well as love. Scorpio rules our core passions or that we can interpret this energy as a new view of our deep emotional values at a societal level with Venus in the 11th House. Jupiter conjunct the 12th H cusp suggests a continuation of the spiritual or subconscious expansion of the awareness of what really 'matters'. The Sabian symbology = 17* Virgo = A volcanic eruption. The explosive energy of long-repressed contents of the subconscious. Dramatic release of energies which will have been kept in check by the outer shell of the ego-controlled consciousness. It may be a spectacular catharsis, but it often takes paths of destruction. Yet unless some form of purification by fire is experienced, the inner pressure of the karmic past or of more recent frustrations would shake up perhaps even more destructively the very foundations of the personality. At this 2nd stage, an image of the subjective irruption of repressed memories and primitive cravings. Everything must be released from the psyche seeking to attain the transfigured state. The soul must become empty, the mind translucent. Keyword explosion. I do try to avoid the gloom and doom perspective, yet as we are required to create at a collective level, it may be necessary to get everyone's attention in a dramatic manner. I intend this transfiguration to be as gentle as possible and thus will consciously seek to adjust my perspective to align with those 'Noble' principles supporting Life and Harmony. Recognition of the co-creative nature of our reality with Choice of Harmony with Truth and Life should modulate these energies.

8-26-18 Full Moon 7:56am, D.C. 3*12' Pisces

Continued intensity with this Full Moon after the series of 3 eclipse is evident. Many people crossed over during these intense energies...many life path directions aligned as choices take form. There are a couple of intense configurations, which demonstrate the form of those intense geometries. The Grand Trine supports flowing cooperation between the planets involved in that powerful configuration with the Sun, Uranus, and Saturn creating the supportive geometry. Saturn and Uranus are still in retrograde motion, suggesting the internal focus of these energies, which are likely to express as a review of what changes are needed to achieve the goals upon which the light...the Sun shines. Sun in Virgo flavors that light with an analytical nature...striving for practical wholeness in daily life experience. Saturn in Capricorn asks for a review of the form and structure of those goals targeting a 'Noble' function. Uranus in Taurus requires dramatic change materially expressed in this dimension. This clearly indicates we have fulfilled a phase of recognizing a transformation is needed with Creation strongly supporting a review and realignment through the Grand Trine. Our other significant configuration or sacred geometry through which the power of creation flows, is the Yod or Finger of God, which indicates an element of 'fated' influence and calls for an adjustment. Since the Apex of the Yod is the MC [midheaven] for the chart cast for D.C., we would interpret this adjustment targets the USA specifically since the MC is relevant to the position upon the planet as is the Asc [ascendant]. The MC rules over how one shares their gifts and skills with the world, suggesting the USA is called to adjust the way we express in the world. Jupiter in Scorpio 2nd is at the waning leg [already expressed] of the Yod and Pluto Capricorn 4th con 5th House, is upon the waxing leg [Growing in power]. We can read this energy as a call for transfiguration of our core goals, after an expansion in recognition of our deepest truths regarding what is of value illuminated by the Sun from a spiritual/subconscious level. Pluto's conjunction to the 5th cusp of creation asks us to review how we may adjust the expression of our creative energies relevant to our higher spiritual ideals which we purport to uphold. I interpret this as an opportunity to actually demonstrate our purported beliefs of those noble principles of Freedom and Equality...Rule by Law which first and foremost ensure those liberties. Those ideals which prohibit Tyranny, Abuse of Power and Greed to the detriment of Life expanded to a planetary scale. Yet first and foremost implemented at home. We have the opportunity to teach by example, without forcing our system upon others, as stated in our illumined principles supporting an individual's choice of life path. The Asc of the chart 19*14' Vi gives the overall energy bringing illumination to this county's potential with the symbolism of the Sabian degree: 20* Virgo = A caravan of cars headed to the west coast. The need of cooperative effort in reaching any 'New World' of experiences. What seems to be implied is a process in which a group of persons are journeying together...thus linking their consciousnesses of energies [the car] in order to safely reach the goal of destiny. Here, there is no longer any sense of competition, but an ordered and structured endeavor. At this last stage, the past is entirely left behind; men cooperate in the great 'adventure in consciousness' in a totalization of purpose and effort. This theme of co-operation at a collective consciousness level is evident in most astrological delineation. The indicators strongly suggest we have come to the crossroads of Planetary Consciousness and will influence our experiences in this dimension in response to choices at that level. We are called to take a much more expanded planetary perspective.

Eclipse Summer '18

August NMSE 8-11-18 5:58am D.C.; 18*42' 1st H                                                                                                                                                        Posting after the fact demonstrates my experience of significant energies with this event.   The whirlwind swept me up a week prior to the lunation and is still swirling.  The energies of the New Moon have just been 'seeded' and will require time for gestation, thank goodness and the benevolence of Creation.  It gives us 'Time' to craft our creation.  We've made it through a significant phase of Transfiguration and are now proceeding to the harvest in alignment with the Autumnal Equinox of 9-22-18.  The 1st House location of the NMSE 18*42' Leo suggests this New Creative Expression will be rooted in the personal and individual arena for this country.  The eclipse was viewable in Moscow and Seoul, which suggests an interesting direction of energy flow.  I intend they serve the function of alerting those newly awakened...that the issue is Freedom and Free Will Choice.  I expect to see the individual to view, through the lens of personal reality, their desire to support those noble principles we purport  to hold Sacred and Valued. ..even required for our system to exhibit and survive in tact.  

Mars gets back to Earth sign Capricorn before it SD [stations direct] at 28*56' on 8-26-18...thus begins the forward motion of the planet of action, with which we should see evidence of the harvest for previous actions.  We'll have the month of September to consider what form we desire our valuables presented with all personal planets direct in September before Venus SR [stations retro] the first week of October.  I wonder how this will look since we'll be given an opportunity to review what we value.  Mars will carry those ambitions from Capricorn back to the 'Social Changes' of Aquarius.  What is obvious is the call to shift our perspectives and attitudes.  To express our individual skills at a new level within our community.  This reality is inter-connected and inter-related, as well as Multi-dimensional in nature.  We are all part of the greater 'Whole' which includes 'All Life' and we are on this journey together...The Earth, Humanity, All our Relations [The Four Leggeds, the Standing Nation, The Winged Ones and the Insect Nation, the Finned Ones and the Star Nation], and those other Beings who are influenced by our choices.  It is time to participate in choosing our direction in a more conscious and expanded manner.  

Mercury retro co-joined the Ascendent in D.C. for the eclipse which gives it extra weight.  MercR suggests internal guidance, a review of the 'data' in its mature expression, offering a conscious, personal, review of what new creations we are choosing.  We are supported in connecting to our individual passions.  Mars suggests we take a New view of how to express these changes within our civilization on a daily basis.  Uranus retro is the most elevated in Taurus indicating that dramatic change continues to be the focus, yet these retro planets suggest we are offered 'time' to review and select our direction, inspired by our Passions and guided by the bigger interaction of All of Creation.  This Critical time in Human Evolution cries out for All to reach to align with the Soul's support of Life.  Look to the Long Term creation....Beyond self yet ultimately serving self.

July FMLE 7-27-18 4:20p D.C., 4*45' Aquarius/Leo 2nd/8th House

Creation gives a good example of the adage 'As above so below' or 'Macrocosm of the Microcosm' within the many layers of cycles and systems of the Cosmos, and the Human body with it's many layered systems i.e. circulatory, respiratory, digestive, etc. One significant cycle within this eclipse series is the many layered cycles of the Saros Series, which refer to the Nodal cycles which have several 'pulses' associated with them. We see the energies relative to the eclipses, which are determined by the position of the nodes, revisited in an 18 month pulse, a 19 yr. cycle, and within other longer cycles. One system which monitors these energies is called the Saros Series. It is noted that study of the Pre-Natal Solar Eclipse, gives a sense of a 'Soul Theme' for an incarnation. In my scramble to stay ahead of the actual lunation with these posts, I neglected to review this first NMSE of 7-12-18 energies from this perspective. A large part of what I have been awed by, as I study the symbolic teaching in the heavens, is the gentle leading of humanity through the evolutionary journey. Just as the body filters input, so that we may digest all of the sensory information available to our psyche, without short circuiting; The Universe offers us time to digest and re-align with the energies of creation through the symbolic filtering of Planets in retrograde motion. This allows us to review the energies and come to an understanding, which may inspire refinement of life.

Bernadette Brady's 'The Eagle and the Lark' interprets the energies for The 7-12-18 NMSE is of SS [Saros Series] 2 Old North which began 6-24-792 and End 7-23-2036. This connects the dots for many astrological predictions of upcoming reality unfoldment. She states 'this is a difficult eclipse family, as its members bring unfortunate news concerning friendships or relationships. You will be dealing with ideas of separation or the ending of a union. However, although the picture may look glum as the eclipse takes effect, the actual results are quite positive. You will quickly grasp what has to be done and fast action can bring good results. The theme of this eclipse is action concerning personal relationships.' I certainly can confirm this theme evidenced in my reality. And I can see it echoed reality is a macrocosm of the microcosm...inter-related, and inter-dependent. We must choose our direction, yet the potentials of 'Noble' expression are offered.

The FMLE of July 27-18 brings to fruition these energies at one level, as the August 11, 2018 NMSE, last of the 3 eclipse leading to Equinox, will be SS 2 New North which began 6-17-1928 and ends 7-16-3172. The theme of this family of eclipse, which effects a chart suggests the person will experience the sudden collapse of plans or life-styles. Confusion may reign but long-term effects are those of rebuilding and transformation. After the dust has settled, the rebuilding starts and the consequences of this reshaping will have far-reaching effects. This eclipse family changes a person's direction through the sudden collapse of an existing structure. Well, folks...anyone who has shared my perspectives may be surprised by this seemingly dire sharing. I must say I prefer to intend these transfigurations be gentle, yet we humans are a little slow and short sighted. We tend to organize and excel after crisis. It has been evident that our planetary civilization needs change. Sacrifice of the future for the greed of the moment does not support life. Growth and change are required for life, and that agenda is the Primary Goal of evolution. It will happen, our potential is to steer that evolution wisely and gently. It requires us to expand consciousness beyond ourselves and in support of future planetary reality. Beginning with the platform of our individual persona, experienced through our relationships with our selves, our family, community, planet earth and all her lifeforms, we may choose the quality of experience. We can, in this moment influence the 'pattern' of energy being coalesced within these lunations. It is a Potent Opportunity!

From another perspective this FMLE of 7-27-18 will be in the 2nd House in D.C., suggesting a culmination of energies relative to resources. The Full Moon will co-join Mars retro, which calls for a review of what action the masses may take regarding the value of resources. UranusR is the apex of a T-square indicating creative change in material expression squaring the eclipse. This is what gives me faith in our positive potential. We can Choose personal change in our physical reality by steering alignment to the 'higher' expressions of these energies. The indication requires adjustment of structure of our foundations. The focus upon the 'resources' [which includes money] is the motivating factor.

Oh Boy, Eclipse Time! NMSE 7-12-18 10:48p D.C., 20*41' Cancer 5th H

Cancer New Moon gives an emotional emphasis to what is being seeded. Add the intensity which is always associated with an eclipse, and we have a volatile potential of impressive proportions. Pluto in Capricorn opposes the NMSE [New Moon Solar Eclipse] exact at 20* and will crank up the volume, definitely indicating Transformations we will notice. Everyone wants to come to the party and Saturn [ruler of Capricorn heralds change as well as he trines Uranus...the dramatic change maker, and Venus newly arrived in Virgo. This Earth trine will facilitate the materialization of the changes at a real and physical level. It is 'All Good' however, at least potentially, If we consciously seek the 'Higher Road', which is what Pluto is all about and what makes Saturn happy as well. Jupiter in Scorpio, just days after stationing direct is gathering speed and directing his considerable power to bringing our core truths to a new level.  That's what will guide us to 'Life'...recognition of the is Valuable to Life. Cosmic cycles are many layered, and one cycle within an eclipse energy series, sees issues associated with the eclipse expressed at a new level at 1.5 yrs as well as 18 yrs. pulses. This supports the many references out in cyberland of 2020 being a banner year. Here we can see part of the reason.

We have been watching the brewing of value inspired, relationship expressed Transfiguration approaching. We turn a corner with this set of eclipse. Energies were set up for this shift of significance as we began a new earth year at Winter Solstice, boosted by the New Moon just prior at the Galactic Center...The Universal mandate was delivered. Uranus then Stationed Direct and waved the flag of dramatic change; with the Spring eclipse indicating change in social structure. Jupiter went retrograde offering humanity a chance to review our core beliefs joined by Saturn who asked 'How may we restructure these new perspectives?' Neptune then joined the parade of review to inspire a soulful stretch. Now we have arrived at a nodal gateway, which will stimulate our emotions, through the lens of our significant relationships, to clearly comprehend what has value in Life and 'change/transform' to align with that energetic flow. The 'Tools' to facilitate evolutions of Human Society and Planetary Interconnectedness are available in the form of Earth Trines and powered by the potency of eclipse energies. Mars has kindly given us a moment to check our intentions with his retrograde motion...delaying 'enactment' triggered by intense emotions. Saturn suggests restructured change be in responsible directions for long term wellness of All of Creation.

Hades advises 'We are the Creators' of our reality, as the door for conscious change offers support in alignment with a 'Higher Truth'. An Intense New Seeding of energy which nurtures Life [Cancer] is symbolized by this New Moon Eclipse. Allow awareness of your core feelings to guide you to critical focus. What gets your attention and fires the emotions? How can this awareness support long term evolution of existence upon this planet? Mars protects us from rash action until the end of August. Mercury may offer some guidance from your Higher Self in retrograde near the end of July, before we come out of the 3rd eclipse at the end of August and start to see the changes take form in the first part of September. Keep your eye on the ball for Life flow for the long haul.

Full Moon 6-28-18 6:07am D..C. 6*28' Cap/Can 10th /4th

The Full Moon follows a week after Summer Solstice, adding an extra nuance of the fruition of a cycle of energy. I am glad to see confirmation of the sense of the energy, as I'm experiencing them. I have had a sense that these times are critical to our alignment with the 'Higher Vision' for lack of a better phrase. I have felt an angst over this past year, compelling me to continue to strive for personal excellence at a renewed level. Yet, I have been challenged to hold the discipline required to meet my goals. I realize Mars is about to retrograde as I write this, and so is slowing as he prepares to Station Retro on June 26th . Mars symbolizes action at it's core energy expression, and so the energy of action will be internalized or seemingly arrested for the retro period. This period is longer than usual this time, and we have other subtle elements influencing how we'll experience this energy. There is a global dust storm upon the planet, and it is very close to the Earth as well. I expect the energy response to the delay of action, may possibly feel more frustrating this cycle. Yet I think this is all part of the divine timing to allow we humans, to consider our actions a little deeper before implementing them, just as Jupiter has suggested in his retrograde...'Consider the greater picture' he says. “What are you creating and what will it really look and feel like?” We have been guided to look at 'what really matters' through Venus for a few months. Energies have suggested we view these matters of importance through the lens of relationships...all relationships including those with the planet and ourselves. We have been inspired to reach for the 'Spiritual Ideal' as Neptune, ruler of Pisces, has retrograded at the center of the sign which speaks to our spiritual ideals. Mars is in the sign of Aquarius, which suggests we detach ourselves from our personal interests and consider the 'community' or societal attributes. Chiron, the wounded healer focuses upon soul wounds which need attention, and he is conjunct the Asc in Aries. This position suggests self initiated healing with public visibility and subconsciously inspired. The Solstice chart suggested the masses of this country considering what our core truth values, and I hope we recognize we are far from exhibiting those noble principles inspiring us to choose to reach higher. The Sabian Symbol for the Asc in D.C. is 5* Aries = A Triangle with wings – The capacity for Self-Transcending. The symbol of the desire to reach a higher level of existence, of pure aspiration or devotion, of Bhakti. What has emerged in the first phase of the process of differentiation, is becoming aware of the possibility of further up-reachings, with the principle of 'levitation' is seen as one of two factors essential in evolution. The emergent being glorifies and deifies it, but it is still only an ideal. At this stage nevertheless, the whole being experiences a childlike longing for the eventual realization of evolution. At this point the last and synthesizing stage of the first unit in the cyclical process is reached, 'A New Dimension' of being is envisioned mobilizing creative endeavors. Yeah! Creation gives us a leg-up! SaturnR conjunct the Full Moon and the Midheaven in Capricorn supports a review of what form we have created for our goals in the world, with the Sun illuminating the need for change in order to nurturance of our home planet, as well as our local environment. Several indicators suggest a culmination of data relevant to the planet, what we are creating and the suggestion that our self initiated relationship within the community is pertinent. The focus is about the greater interrelationship of reality and its impact upon life. The guidance indicates a review of our relationship through the lens of civilization. I am hopeful we will select the path of Life. Creation offers the energy to strive for the evolved perspective. I know many of my brothers and sisters see themselves as lightworkers, who have been 'holding the light' for many years...even many decades. The process is slower than we may like...yet I do see the wheel turning in harmony with these 'Higher' intentions. This Full Moon seems to suggest another milestone in that process. Congratulations Lightworkers. Stay the Course! You are making a difference!

Solstice 6-21-18 6:07am D.C.

Solstice time of Solar Celebration representing the beginning of Summer in the Northern Hemisphere. A time of power, of fruition and growth. A time of Creative Power for the Planet, which offers an opportunity to connect to and commune with Creation. A time to recognize what fruits are available from seeds previously planted, with an opportunity to fine tune intentions and directions. A time of celebration throughout human history, as communion with the power of creation is established.

This potential may be applied within our individual lives, as we select our intended life direction at a personal level. We can fine tune the fruits of our daily experience by intending alignment with our personal empowered vision. We may also expand that application to a broader vision, supporting wholeness of the planet and human civilization.

As we evolve and accept 'response-ability' for co-creation of the fruits of life, being seeded in each moment...we are supported and guided by the wisdom of the stars, symbolically leading us upon our journey of ascension. The configuration of the planets, creates a geometric interaction, which actually causes energetic forces that influence life upon this planet. The study of these configurations and their affect, is the foundation of Astrology. The comprehension of the quality of the energies relevant to each interaction and configuration, gives us clues as to the potentials available under those energies. This is why we celebrate worldwide, these Astronomical alignments...their significance is inherently understood.

Summer Solstice occurs when the Sun enters Cancer. Cancer is associated with the Earth, with nurturance, foundation, family and emotions. The Sun or 'The Light' will be illuminating issues associated with these topics, as we consider them from a new perspective. Humanity continues it's review of 'core truths' at an expanded level. Continued input of information, concerning the planet relative to the nurturance of life, supports this review, and the connection to our spiritual 'ideal'. These energies are represented by the Grand Water Trine, with the Masses calling for adjustments to bring Balance and Harmony to the Earth. The more awakened humans connect to this energy and 'choose' empowered Wholeness for the Planet and All Life...the more efficiently and gently this transition may flow. The cosmic window is available, and the spiritual inspiration is in form. I Trust we will heed the call.

The Solstice chart for D.C. shows Hades conjunct the Ascendent. In immature expression, this could demonstrate, in public view, the corruption and disease of government structure. At the same time we could see a mature expression of the ancient wisdom teachings demonstrated. We would intend that enlightened people tune into these energies and steer our Nation to align with those 'Noble Principles' upon which it was founded. It is important to out weigh those with nefarious intent, tuning in. Cosmic energies are offering 'Light Warriors' to step up. The 'Way' is through Cancerean energies...through Love and nurturance and selection of the 'Most Refined Frequencies' as our chosen perspective.

New Moon 6-13-18 22*44' Gemini: It's time for another renewal...a new cycle in which we may seed a new level of creation...a New Moon Lunation or phase. The Sun and Moon will co-join at 22*44' Gemini. This echoes at a multi-dimensional level, numerological balance and foundation or materialization in this dimension. 22* Gem is in the dc-9th House, which if applied to this nation's potential, could suggest a new intellectual perspective...a new attitude. As the numerological energies of 2's and 4's refer to balance and foundations...I hear an echo of the potential to implement or select the harmonious foundations I associate with the intentions of our founding mothers and fathers. Support this with Uranus at early Taurus in the dc-7th H, significantly representing the materialization of freedom. Uranus rules freedom, with the 7th house representing relationships, especially those resulting within legal relationships. An ascendent of 24*34' Libra echo this theme as the signifier of the general flavor of a chart...Libra represents balance and law as well. Law that supports harmonious relationships. There are significant elements indicating the anchoring of 'communication of ancient knowledge reviewed and re-structured,' as we continue to become aware of our responsibilities as co-creators to actively and consciously select our creations. This new perspective requires an adjustment in our local environment, as Mars comes off of conjunction with the South Node = Action to align with the 'reason/purpose for incarnating at this time, expressing our core truth. The challenge for soul healing in daily experience, is to recognize and integrate the downloads calling for new perspectives, and review how to restructure our reality in our personal local environment. The individual is the facilitator of this choice, to actively express those 'ideals' we choose to experience. Will we succeed!?! The symbolic energies for the degree of the New Moon resonates with the opportunity to grow spiritually. To strive intellectually to incorporate the attitude or perspective [made up of ones chosen beliefs], that align or resonate with those noble ideals. It does require conscious choice to take the 'high road', rather than be lead by our baser desires. To reach beyond blind instinctive desires, and harmonize with natural drives to attune to evolution through creative integration.

The Ascendent or general flavor/focus of the chart, vibrates symbolically with 25 degrees Libra, which illustrates the 'mystery of Life & Death'...the continuous transcendent cycle of reality. One who is sensitive to the energies, may feel that instinctive need to create something new or additional...they may sense the ending of one phase and the beginning of a new, giving cosmic meaning to the process of life. Focus upon the here and now...the shifting of the cycle into the next new pulse of creation, which demonstrates the harmony of life, is inherent in this degree's symbology of rebirth. It represents a spiritual state of 'clair-seeing' or 'seeing through' this world of illusion into the multi-dimensional potential to renew our creation upon the Earth. Venus at 29*54' Cancer is completing the lesson of nurturance within community; the teaching of focused intention of what is of value, and its expression upon the world stage as the most elevated element in the chart of D.C., and therefore the most weighted element of the chart. This indicates a new phase of completing our responsible action of co-creation of that valued foundation.

The Universe has constructed the planetary relationships to present this window for the selection of Harmony. Awakened and Conscious Humanity may pierce the illusion...discern the value of that which supports Life...and strive for resonance with that perspective or reality. It is within our potential to shift the alignment of the planet and to choose an alternate probability in this 'Now' of the seeding of a new phase.

FM 5-29-18 10:19a What is coming to Fruition

As we look to the Full Moon chart to glean potential expression of upcoming energies, we note that the North Node of the moon is co-joined the Ascendent for D.C. in Leo, which suggests a 'fated' creative energy being revealed to the public. We would suggest this is referring to the consequences of previous creative expressions. So we get to see what we've created so far. This Full Moon has the energy of intellectual processing of our emotionally recognized response to how daily life expression influences the bigger picture. Hopefully we can recognize we're responsible, so that we may choose to respond in a manner that supports Life. I'm wondering if we are seeing how our society is creating impact upon the planet, since planetary indicators have been waving for some time. The significant increase of earthquakes and volcanic activity show the earth making incremental adjustments. How long will her patience and gentleness last? It certainly is time to consciously choose what form humanity will move toward. Wisdom counsels conscious maintenance of the fragile environmental inter-relatedness. The significant configuration of a Yod also known as a 'Finger of God', with Saturn retrograde in Capricorn in the 6th House, at its Apex; does point to the opportunity to review what structure we are moving towards as a goal of creative direction. The adjustments called for involve our focus at an intellectual level in the world supported by how we creatively express in public, [Think about the greater reality]. The tool or method to steer this configuration is suggested by Hades in Cancer in the 11th and relates to 'Ancient Wisdom' relative to nurturance and security and societal change or form. It can also be understood as Ancient Knowledge relative to the Earth used to steer the structure of our ambitions by adjusting how we think and how we creatively express, [Wake up! Use your intellect and adjust your perspective to include the bigger picture. Running away from Home to Mars is not the optimum answer!]. We are the Spiritual Authority of our existence with this time of review allowing us to get in touch with what is of value, symbolized by Venus co-joined Kronos in Cancer on the 12th House cusp for D.C. This is our opportunity to fulfill our 'Destiny' as a Nation. To lead the structure of society in support of the planet, the Human family, and the greater reality by adjusting our perspective to initiate a relationship consciously, with the planet. Our challenge is to take action within civilization, to change how we materially express, from the perspective of how we relate to the greater family of Humanity, which includes the Planet. It is about changing our attitude about the inter-connectedness of Creation at a planetary level. I would suggest the recent increase of earthquakes and significant volcanic events is calling for this 'knowing' to be positively responded to.

May New Moon
 5-15-18 7:48am @ 24*36' Taurus in the 12th House East Coast set for Washington D..C.
We intend to share a global perspective of the energies as well when appropriate.  This will be another gateway of notable change with Uranus entering Taurus at 0(0' exact for this New Moon chart.  his is highly significant as Uranus has not reached this ingress in Taurus for 84 years!  Uranus speaks to sudden and dramatic changes, with Taurus suggesting, materialization in the physical.  At 0* the indication is  the changes will be from a new perspective, and the New Moon echos this reference to the seeding of  a new cycle.  Sabian Symbols give an idea of the energetic symbology of the degrees of the Zodiac.  I like Dane Rudhyar's interpretations 0* Taurus =30* Aries = A duck pond and its brood. The realization of natural boundaries.  It is shown here that every form of activity has its limits, and that even the consciousness that has been able to get a glimpse of universal order has to bring down to its own karmic field of operation the message of harmony it has heard inwardly. Peace & inner contentment with one's essential destiny [dharma] is required to meet the everyday world. The mystic may experience flights of transcendent vision, but he must return to the concrete earth and to his task in his social environment. Extensive as the previous may seem, it is still very small compared to the galactic is indeed a duck pond compared to the ocean. But, it is there that the substance for concrete action has to be found, and every effective activity has to be focused; thus the boundaries imposed by the very nature of this activity have to be consciously accepted. This is the last stage in the last 5-fold sequence related to the second scene, characterized by 'Potency'. It leads to the 3rd scene whose keyword is 'Substantiation'. Potency has to become has to mate with order to be effective power.  Power must accept the principle of 'Focalization'.  Having just come off of Vision Quest in which I saw the New Earth...Our evolved expression...I can definitely see the significance.  The symbology suggests to me that the seed of the vision is planted, and we will enter a new level of evolutionary potential with this New Moon.   The position of the Moon in the 12th House of on the East Coast suggests a Spiritual or Subconscious expression of these energies.  I intend to support the materialization of this country's and humanities Higher Principles brought into a new level of materialization.  As always these energies may be expressed on multiple dimensions at once. We will continue this dilineation soon.  

Folks request I speak English, in sharing my observations about Life with confirmation referenced through astrology. I've been attempting this, yet it seems I'm not there yet. So we try another approach. We'll try to give a clear summation with the astrological significance in brackets, so ignore that data, unless you speak astrologese ;)  What I wish to share with humanity is the celebration of achievement of evolutionary progress at a new substantial level. These indicators are often subtle, yet if one has paid attention, the significance is evident, and our potential direction visible.

Much of my excitement with the current indicators, stems from my connecting the dots stemming from that Portal to a New Dimension revealed at 2012. I experienced and discerned those years through 2016 as expressing symbolically, a birthing canal into a new reality. Winter Solstice '17, brought the harvest, and foundation for the next phase of creation begun with a 'bang' in 2018. Solstice begins my New Year...after the 'harvest' of the previous year, we retire within to contemplate our Life experience this cycle, and seek inspiration for the renewal of Spring. The Trine that is currently coming to exactitude 5-25-18 in retrograde motion [Jupiter retro Scorpio 2nd H trines Neptune direct in Pisces in D.C. 10th H], was exact in direct motion during 12-3-17 Full Moon,eading into Solstice, and will again reach exact trine 8-19-18 for the 3rd and last time this cycle, with a New Moon Solar Eclipse occurring on 8-11-18 [18*42' Leo]. The nearness of the significant lunar phases and especially the eclipse adds weight to the importance of this trine. This lends magnitude to the level of creative power with which we may influence our co-creative resonance. We have opportunity to choose that Higher Potential, lead by core values, striving for harmony at a Cosmic inter-dependent level of maturity. The symbols indicate humanity accepting responsibility and authority for it's own nurturance, security, and environment of home and planet, as co-creators. This was the goal of the evolutionary achievement out of 2012. Now, as we have been reborn in this new energy and as we awaken to our core desires for and responsibilities to support Truth, Freedom, Life, and Peace; we see Jupiter facilitating a review, by retrograde motion, of the expanded perception of Truth of creation, and our participation at a conscious level. We may discern that our reality is responsive to our perspective, ruled by Jupiter, and it is our responsibility to choose the 'ideal' potential, ruled by Neptune in Pisces. Neptune will be in retrograde motion in August, supporting our 'review' of what the 'ideal' might look like. We are only beginning to re-create our experience, yet the guideposts are there in the stars.

The New Moon 5-15-18 in honor of which, I renew my astrological communications, is significant by Uranus entering Taurus precisely at 0*0' for that lunation. Entrance of Uranus into Taurus has not happened for 84 yrs. sounding an echo from 1934. We intend we have matured and will choose a more refined expression. It is a matter of choice and we should now understand that we are the authorities of our creations. Any ingress into a new sign of a planet is significant, especially when made by a slow moving body. 0* is to me also a significant flag, which indicates a new level of experience relevant to the qualities of that sign. In this case Taurus is about material reality. It rules money as well, so that Uranus as agent of dramatic change, suggests this potential. We are still responsible for the quality of that change. Choosing Love and Light is a good beginning, as it will attune our experience to those more refined frequencies. We see these changes will encompass personal authority relative to home, nurturance, and security, and will involve the community, family and/or planet.

This was the memo from the Universe in my interpretation. Right after Winter Solstice, with the Full Moon of New Years Day, ALL Planets were direct for an unusually long period of 67 days with Jupiter being the first to retrograde. That Powerful forward motion of the energies, was notable to many. Many noticing attitude or perspective shifts, [Jupiter rules beliefs], along with significant life events. Jupiter retrograde allows us to integrate those awakenings, so that we may adjust our ambitions into alignment with our deeper truths as Jupiter swims in Scorpio.

This New Moon of 15th, is closely conjunct the 12th House cusp in D.C. symbolizing a subconscious or spiritual materialization at a new level, if expressed in mature fashion. It could, at the same time in multi-dimensional reality, symbolize subterfuge. We Intend the practical recognition of support of life enhancing truths relative to social agendas, and the bigger picture of existence upon the planet. Mars at 29* Capricorn, symbolizes a culmination of transformative action. Some negative perspectives may express immaturely through a last gasp of chaos, yet the more refined frequencies will over-ride and require attunement. It is the physics of frequency in this causal reality, to attune to the higher vibration. I see the agenda of Creation supports Life.

We'll note the astrological symbols on the 'tutorial' page. Happy Creation!

April 15, 2018 New Moon  9:57p East Coast  26*02' Aries

I'll begin here even though it has recently past, because it is a significant portal in humanitie's transition.  This symbolic seeding of a new energy in this dimension is appropriate, and as the quickly upcoming Full Moon will refer to the fruition of the current energies to this point, it should give a more complete picture to begin with this New Moon.  The energies leading to the reclaiming and revitalization of this site also aligns with these energies.  We intend to post this while we have access to high speed so that this may be brief, with future posting giving a more complete translation.  This New Moon represents the end of the beginning heralded by the portal of Winter Solstice 2012.  This New Moon of 4-15-18 was at 26*02' Aries in the 5th House in Washington, D.C.  New Moons indicate new cycles, with Aries also representing a bigger new cycle of the Zodiac.  To have this Moon in the later degrees of Aries suggests a completion of commencement energies.  Aries refers to self initiated action, with the 5th House representing creative expression.  This energy suggests we are supported in initiating a New creation.  We have recognized the signs connecting the dots, of the major human evolutionary leap to which the Maya pointed at the 2012 marker, and renewed with the energies of the Summer Solstice 2018.  We are guided to express our core passions symbolized by the Scorpio ascendent, as Jupiter in retrograde motion in the 12th House, suggests a review of an expanded perspective, relative to our core Truths. The Midheaven, which refers to sharing of gifts at a world  level, is 4*31' Virgo, indicating a new analysis, relative to our interaction with the world.  Lilith conjunct Cupido at 29* Sagittarius in the 2nd House of values/resources, indicates an empowerment  of human society relative to the reality of 'life' within community, as we bring the recognition of it's value to completion in it's current cycle.   If Astrology can serve as a language, which symbolically holds the energetic agenda of creation's direction...these configurations suggest a turning point currently available, offering conscious participation of human influence in that steerage.  Alignment with 'wholeness' or Life resonates with Love, which may be chosen through harmonic attunement.

Full Moon 4-29-18  9*39' Scorpio 8:58p East Coast

Viewing the Full Moon for tomorrow evening ...we note the ascendent or rising sign  as a significant overview for the energies at that lunation.   At one dimension the 22*18' Scorpio ascendent suggests we may glean information about the core truths or passions, which are coming to fruition.  When we compare this Full Moon chart to our personal natal chart, we can get a deeper understanding of how we as individuals may experience these energies, through the lens of personal perspective.  At another level, looking at this chart set in Washington, D.C., can expand our understanding generally from the broader perspective of society or creation.  Regardless of the filter through which you apply the symbology, these basic frequencies will be applicable.  So, we are bringing to one level of completion, our evolutionary journey relative to what 'Truth' is expressing.   3* Virgo on the MC [Midheaven] still suggests we are analyzing how we intend our 'World' to express.  The Sun in Taurus in the 6th House, suggests the focus or light will be about making this fruition of truths function practically in daily life., with the Moon in the 12th indicating a subconscious or spiritual emotional inspiration.  The  Ascendent, Midheaven,, and house cusps are influenced by location for which the chart is cast, and indicates the 'stage' upon which these energies will be experienced.  The North Node, which refers to purpose toward which we are to strive, is conjunct Ceres, so that planet wide the focus is on community/family/home.  On the East Coast it is in the 9th House of beliefs or perspectives, suggesting it is through these considerations of our beliefs or perspective about  community, that the energy will be directed.   As it is the agenda of creation to bring these energies to fruition at this time, we have a window of opportunity to heal Humanity, as we recognize Life is supported by Love.  Mars conjunct Pluto in Capricorn in the 3rd House sextiles the Asc, indicating a flowing action for change, already occurring in the local environment and in our communication as a practical goal, symbolized by Capricorn. Numerologically the nines also symbolize completion...with Saturn retrograde in the 2nd House, calling for a review about what form these valued changes may take.  The planet is powerfully supported to align with our purpose [evolution], and give form to 'Core Truths' [Life requires Love or respect, or awareness], in action of transformation in daily life.  

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