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Astrological Tutorials, Definitions and Terms

Current Astrological Perspectives  - Analysis of Current Transits and Configurations.

The purpose of this page is to give a basic understanding of some common astrological terms and definitions.  It is our intention in this first phase to keep it basic...offering information which will help explain the potential available through astrology, as well as provide some interesting information to those new to astrology and curious about the subject.   I'm sure expansion on this topic will occur.  It will be interesting to see where it goes, as this is an adventure in the making.  Check out the answer below under Introductory Tutorial


Astrocartography -  
By mathematically plotting, where the astronomical bodies were located at birth, an understanding of the
                                         geographic location, which best supports one's intentions is determined.


Electional Astrology -
  Offers information regarding the most auspicious date and time to schedule an event. 

Galactic Center  -  
The Center of the Milky Way Galaxy around which the galaxy orbits. located currently at 27* Sag.

Horary Astrology - 
Through questions posed at specific times, answers are perceived within the chart.

Lunar Return Chart -  
This month's critical degrees and how they will impact you.  Emotionally, what will be highlighted this month.

Lunation  -  The exact conjunction of the Moon to the sun which  constitutes a New Moon.  A cycle of  29d, 12 hrs., 44 min., 28 sec.

Predictive Astrology -   What is likely to occur and when can we expect it?

Precession of the Equinox - 
The movement of a point at the earths equator in relation to the sun which alters its position against the
                                                         constellations due to the wobbling of the earths axis at the poles. 

Progressed Chart - 
What is the focus at this specific stage in your life.  What is being resolved and what phase of planetary cycles
                                        are currently manifesting.

Sidereal Zodiac - Signs along the path of the earth around the sun, in relation to the solar system, based on the actual astronomical 
                                    placement of the stars comprising the constellations. 

Solar Return Chart -  
What is the focus this year of your life.  What areas of life will be highlighted this year. 

Tropical Zodiac -
Signs along the path of the earth around the sun, based on the sun in relation to the earth and influenced by
                                    precession of the equinox, resulting in the sign associated with the planet's position, often not being located in the
                                    astronomical constellation. 

Uranian Astrology -  A school or perspective of astrology, which employs specific theoretical bodies, offering additional information
                                          and employing specific formulas to predict precise timing of events and subtleties of experiences. 

Vedic Astrology -  
East Indian astrology based on the sidereal zodiac.  Also know as Hindu or Jyotish astrology.

Zodiac - 
A group of particular constellations along the apparent path of the Sun across the backdrop of the universe.  This path is
                  divided into twelve sections and delineated by a group of stars associated with the astrological signs


We intend to give a sense of the core energies which may then be expanded to specific applications/expressions

Sun - Soul, Consciousness [Ego, Persona, Physical, Focus/Light, Masculine, Father].  Rules Leo

- Emotion, [Feminine, Receptive, Masses, Mother]  Rules Cancer

- Communication of information, [vehicle, mind]  Rules Gemini & Virgo

- What is of Value, [resources, love, art]  Rules Taurus & Libra

- Action, [masculine, aggression]  Rules Aries

- Expansion, Beliefs [positive experience, publishing, philosophy]  Rules Sagittarius

- Structure, Pursuit of Goals [form, boundaries, limitation]  Rules Capricorn

- Dramatic Change [electronics, unexpected, erratic
 ]  Rules Aquarius

- Connection to the Cosmic, Spiritual [veiled/indistinct, drugs]  Rules Pisces

- Transformation [death/rebirth, nuclear]  Rules Scorpio

- North Node = Purpose one is to move toward [connections]; South Node = What you brought into this                                    incarnation intending to resolve [past life connections]. A mathematical point relative to the Moon.


The major asteroids that I employ and their basic core energy

- Soul wound you intend to heal this incarnation.

- Giving and receiving nurturance, Earth/family [providing and caring for others,]

- Strategies [Justice, righteousness, mental nurturing]

- Capacity for meaningful relationships. [Partnership dynamics, fidelity, equality, ]

- Integration [Work commitment, detachment, kundalini force.]


Points used in Uranian Astrology which I employ to give more expanded understanding

- Community, Art, The Love Interest [alliance, culture]

- Ancient Knowledge, Disintegration [occult, corruption/disease = examples of mature and immature expression of energy]

- Raw Creative Power [realization, focused energy]

- Authority [elevation, greatness, mastery]

- Success [especially in commerce, science, broad perspective]

- Primary Matter, Anchored [raw material, depth, condensation, concentration]

- Aimed Force [strength, mighty, sustained energy]

- Ideal, Ideation  [mind, spirit, truth, enlightenment]


Basic Core Qualities for each astrological sign

Aries - Fire/Cardinal - Initiate, Individual, Pioneering

- Earth/Fixed - Values, Resources, Material reality

- Air/Mutable - Communication, Intellectual reality

- Water/Cardinal - Nurturance and Security

- Fire/Fixed - Creative Expression

- Earth/Mutable - Analysis, Practical

- Air/Cardinal - Balance, One to One Relationships

- Water/Fixed - Deep Transformative Experiences

- Fire/Mutable - Freedom, Expansion, Truth

- Earth/Cardinal - Ambition, Responsibility

- Air/Fixed - Detachment, Eclectic

- Water/Mutable - Spiritual/Subconscious


Houses may be thought of as the stage upon which the energies will express, or subject category

First House -  Individual, Physical Dimension/Body, Ego, Soul, Chart Focus

Second House
-  Resources, What is of Value [money]

Third House
- Local Environment, Short Travel, Basic Education, Siblings [
curiosity, telephone vs computer, documents]

Fourth House
- Core/Foundation, Home of Origin/Home Made as Adult/Home of Soul, Family

Fifth House
- Creativity, Romance, Children, Speculation, [pleasure, hobbies, gambling]

Sixth House
- Daily Life Experiences [health/habits, mentorship, pets/small animals,
learning, teaching, initiation]

Seventh House
- Marriage/Partnerships, Open Adversaries [lawsuits, polarity]

Eighth House
- Deep Transformational Experiences, Joint Finances [sex, death, taxes, wills]

Ninth House
- Philosophy/Beliefs/Perspectives, Law/Contracts [foreign interests, long distance travel, higher knowledge]

Tenth House
- Vocation/Career, Status [government, how you share skills with world]

Eleventh House
- Status in Social Group, Wishes [ friends,]

Twelfth House
-  Places of Retreat, Hidden, Subconscious/Subtle, Secret Adversaries [sorrow, fear, confinement, large animals]

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Examples of Astrological Information


This section will use delineation of astrological  charts as an instruction platform
We are intending inclusion of the old information in future to show how things have resolved and to use it for research.

August '18 Eclipse  NMSE 18*42' Leo 5:58am East Coast !st House D.C.
Winding up the eclipse technical specifics:  The major theme is change in our material experience Uranus retro most elevated in Taurus on the East Coast [UrR most elevated = extra weight ] in Tau = material reality.  So that we will notice significant, sudden and dramatic changes.  Aspects have been indicating the 'evolutionary leap of humanity' building since 2012, so here we are.  The ascendent is mid-Leo which suggests the change will be dramatized through individual personal expression, which heightens this personal perspective in the USA yet this eclipse also falls in mid-Leo expanding the energy globally to expres through the individual or personal stage.  I find the changes of Ur are often seen as self induced changes in attitude, which is reiterated in Ur in the 9th House in the D.C. chart.  NeptuneR Pisces brings a subconscious or spiritual influence associated with the 'ideal' of Pisces and gives potential to a human awakening and selection of 'Higher' potential, as it quincunxes the eclipse [calling for an adjustment of how we express our personal creations.  Meanwhile Mercury retro co-joined the ascendent suggests intuitive downloads guiding us individually in alignment with these intense energies.  Venus contributes from Libra, guidance to harmonize with what is of value as she calls for an adjustment within self demonstrated in the physical reality {Ven qucx Ur].  So continue to find your personal passion and truth and look for dramatic changes in self to achieve harmony.  Look to your attitudes/beliefs/perspectives to make that needed adjustment.  This eclipse calls for a Transformational shift which will be the foundation in daily life experience indicated by the qucx to Pluto in Capricorn in the 6th on the East Coast.  Now is the time we choose our direction.  Mars will demonstrate this direction as he SD [Stations direct]  8-26-18 in Capricorn and brings that energy of Capricorn = Higher Ambitions from a level of foundations into expression symbolizing it's position at eclipse of 0* Aquarius indicating a new approach to human society.  I Trust We Choose Wisely.

July '18 Eclipse  Series

An eclipse relationship involving our Moon occurs when the Nodes are 18* or less from the Sun & Moon. This series of Eclipse are particularly interesting because other elements play a significant role in the configuration and they lead us into Autumnal Equinox.

7-12-18 NMSE [New Moon Solar eclipse] 20*41' Can was tightly opposed by Pluto the Lord of Transformation retro 20*00' exact. This is adds significance to me, as a flag to give added weight to the position. It says to me 'Pay attention to review of what transformations are happening...it is important'! This coupled with the energies of the eclipse family by the Saros Series by Brady...reiterates the significant changes upon the planet. There is a GTrine [Grand Trine] between Uranus, agent of dramatic change recently in direct motion, in Taurus, which indicates materialization of those changes, so we ARE going to notice. This flowing aspect involves Saturn retro in Capricorn, suggesting a review of these changes involving the structures of our goals. The completion of the Trine is Venus in Virgo where she is in her 'Fall' and not happy. A GTrine facilitates strong flow of the energies, which indicates Venus is uncomfortable as she analyzes what is valued and how to give form through dramatic self generated changes. All of this flavored toward nurturance and security suggested by the Cancer eclipse and resonating with Planet Earth.

We then move to the FMLE [Full Moon Lunar Eclipse] at 4*45' Aquarius. This eclipse suggests the fruition of social elements from the Aquarian influence. The Sagittarian Asc [ascendent] associates an element of fitting mundane reality into the greater perspective of Creation The FM [Full Moon] is cojoined Mars retro, suggesting significant review of what action may come out of this culmination. What is coming to fruition is relevant to transformation in our individual creative expression. Uranus is the apex of a T-sq [T-square = an intense dynamic aspect] indicating the materialization of self directed dramatic changes in that creative expression being recognized, grounded in material reality in Taurus. Venus still uncomfortable in Virgo, yet looking for ways to support what is valued, looks to Neptune in opposition for that Cosmic or Spiritual perspective in order to bring what is valued into daily life flow. Saturn retro in Capricorn is quincunx the Sun and suggests an adjustment to our individual creative expression is required.

Looking to 8-11-18 NMSE 18*42' Leo to perceive what new seed will be next on Creations agenda which is indicated by significant configurations of the rest of the cosmic picture...We find Mars in retro motion has returned to 0*20' Aquarius. My sense is that elements at the beginning of a sign and those at the exact beginning of a degree at 0 minutes often hold significant information, and can expand our understanding greatly. Such as Pluto in the 7-12-18 NMSE at 20*00' the Sabian symbology associated with this Degree from Rudhyar's Mandala: 20* Cap = A hidden choir is singing during a religious service. The fulfillment of the individual's creative function through his participation in a group performance consecrated to a transcendent realization of unity. In great cathedrals and other religious edifices the choir is normally hidden behind the alter or above the nave, symbolizing thus more perfectly the supernal harmony of 'heaven' or the music of the spheres. The ideal of social participation is exalted to its highest manifestation, for the choir also represents the multifaceted and polyphonic unity of the community in its transcendent state of perfect harmony. Within this harmony the individual who has overcome his egocentric separateness and developed his higher consciousness finds fulfillment in super-personal togetherness. This presents us with the purest form of group harmony, the most basic yet most difficult fulfillment of the social state. At the level of the individual person this 'hidden choir' would refer to the polyphonic integration of all faculties in their most spiritual manifestations: the ideal of Plenitude of Being. [I interpret this as the human inspiration to join in an endeavor to achieve a 'Higher' Ideal. Each individual performing their 'purpose' in harmonic empowerment.] From that 1st eclipse of this series the seed to reach for transformation into Harmonic alignment with creation. Now to 8-11-18 to address the next layer of new creative pulses we note the significance of Mars in retro motion at 0* Aquarius. This suggests a New perspective in social consciousness. Since we have 0*20' minutes we look at 1* Aq = An old adobe mission in California. The power inherent in all great human works to endure far beyond the workers' life spans. The works & Spirit of Spanish Priests remain a monument to men who made their mark upon the environment/land represents a spiritualized and idealistic or creative picture of the social forces at work, and the enduring character of human achievements ensouled by a great vision. The projection of a noble ideal into concrete forms of beauty and significance, thus the radiation of a 'civilizing' power in an institution offering to primitive men an opportunity to reach higher, more organized and productive level of activity. Concretization of an ideal, implying the immortality of an individual within a great collective and cultural enterprise. [These indicators suggest Humanity reviewing what action supports this perspective] The necessity for 'change' or 'adjustments' is significantly reiterated throughout all of this series of eclipse charts. As eclipse charts usually are experienced in intense experience, we expect it will be obvious we're not in Kansas anymore. Our challenge is to creatively express from our individual perspectives our core Humanity relative to the bigger picture. This eclipse makes a semisextile to astroid Pallas in Virgo which suggests a seeding of what is consciously valued giving rise to strategies to bring harmony to those valued elements [NMSE semixex Pallas who carries those plans to Venus in Libra and that valued Harmony]. These strategies will involve changes/adjustments indicated by Venus qucx Uranus. Merc retro qucx Neptune retro in Pisces, which indicates downloads from individuals 'Intuitive Self' guiding an internal transformation into alignment with the cosmic or spiritual energies. [My sense is this is evidence of the potential of evolutionary transfiguration 'In the twinkling of an eye'. I intend to shift into this dimensional perspective while the portal is open]

June 2018
NM 6-13-18 22*44' Gem dc-9th H = 9th indicating a new perspective/belief/attitude, with Gem suggesting from an intellectual plane.  Ad 0*46' Gem dc-8th = anchoring of intellectual transformation.  Hades 6*55' 9th opposing SatR 6*51' Cap 3rd indicates an observation or recognition [thru the opp] of a review of structure of the potential/perspective, from ancient knowledge [application of the ancient magic of 'focused intention' and/or astrological guidance to influence reality at a mature expression, or motivation by corruption and dis-ease at an imature expression] in the local environment and through communication of information [3rd H].  NM qucx [quincunx = requires adjustment] PluR [Pluto retro] = review of transfiguration in local environment and/or communication of data [3rd H].  Mars recent con with SN 4th H [the people act to align with purpose/intention for incarnation]  in resonance with core essence/truth [4th H].  Chi 2* Ar [Chiron=Soul wound intended healing, Aries = initiation/commencement, 6th H of daily life flow/mundane reality focus] sq Merc 2* Can 9th H [sq = square - challenge to accomodate] Merc = intellectual process of data/communication regarding one's perspective/beliefs about nurturance & security and/or home/planet...so the healing our soul intends, upon the stage of 
our attitudes/perspectives/beliefs, is challenged to respond to the information we are being feed from the cosmos,  Can we rise above our baser attitudes? The symbology of the degrees suggest the chances are good!

May 2018

I intend to bring you up to date and use the charts as a teaching tool.
 We'll see if we can get some started today.  I want to post a more in depth upcoming New Moon interpretation in 'Currents and Way', the current astrological delineation.  Will get back here asap.

Folks have been asking for me to speak what I observe astrologically, in English, yet it is the symbology of astrology which gives those observations so much depth. We will intend English only on the 'Currents and Way' [Current Astrological Perspectives] page, with the astrological elements used as evidence given here and used as a teaching tool. I will be sharing a basic translation from my unique perspective. There are many astrologers in cyber space sharing their perspective of the energies. I'm usually more esoteric, even though that perspective can have a mundane application. We'll cast the chart for Washington, D.C. to expand the potential reference. My intention in defining the various elements of astrology is to give a core essence of vibration for a Planet or Sign, House or Aspect so as not to limit the potential application. The individual may then intuit how these energies are expressed in their Life and in their Reality.

Astrologically, what do I base my 'Currents & Way' Translation upon for this Full Moon 6-29-18?

Asc 7*51' Leo [ascendent/rising sign relative to the position upon earth chart is cast for. How energy presents to public] Leo = Creative expression. NN 7*33' [North Node of Moon usually retro = Fated direction to move toward or at another level connections with others.] Con [conjunction/co-joining] the Asc from the 12th H [House = stage/arena of expression in D.C.] 12th H = Spiritual or subconscious focus, so that I see this as a significant fruition of the Nations fated Spiritual Agenda to creatively lead the world in a new way of thinking = Sun in Gemini = Sun = Focus/Light upon Gem = data/information 10th [How we share our gifts in the world] opp [opposing Moon thus a FM] in Sag 4th H [4th = Core Truth/Family of Origin/Earth; Moon = Our emotional body/the masses. As we set the chart for Washington D.C. this placement of the Moon will symbolize several layers of meaning. The Masses at home will be one level of interpretation. In Sag we have the 'connecting the dots' of how everyday life flow fits or is subject to the 'greater reality' so that the people will have an emotional/gut knowing or connection to a greater truth. This country was intended to be based upon a Spiritual Nobility requiring Freedom as it responds to relationships between people, and between the individual and government. This is echoed in the fated element of the NN con Asc in Leo = What we are fated to Create. The MC [Midheaven = top of the chart = How one shares their gifts with world or status in the world] is at 26*42' Ar [Aries is about self generated initiation] Ur [Uranus – Sudden Change] is at 0*43' Tau [Taurus = matter] which symbolizes a new beginning of dramatic change, in how we materialize our physical expression in the world. Ur is the most elevated element of the chart being closest to the MC, which gives it extra weight. We have been observing the guidance of the focus being about relationships for many months, and we again see Juno [meaningful relationships] at the center of Ar 14*52' 9th , which suggests a strong focus upon initiation of our beliefs or perspectives with the 9th cusp being at 0*19' Ar and con Chiron [wounded healer] 1*51', indicating a new perspective available, relative to a healing at a soul level. Ceres is in the 1st H which does have connection to the earth, with the 1st H associated with the physical body, and the individual persona. The configuration known as a Yod or 'Finger of God' suggests a significant or fated interaction focused on SatR 5th [Saturn = Form/structure] in Cap [Capricorn = Ambition/goal with an esoteric element of nobility or quest for a higher vision at one level.] This Yod [Message from God] configuration is made of two quincunx joined by a sextile which balances the need for adjustment indicated by a quincunx. So as Sat retro suggests a review of what form we may structure our goals from the Creative 5th H, by adjusting our thinking [Sun Gem as one qucunx leg of the configuration] which will support the flow [sextile] to Asc con NN Leo, of what we are fated to create visible to the public. The 'Handle' to steer this Yod is Hades Cancer 11th . If there is an element which is opposite the apex of the Yod, those energies may be used. to most effectively employ the energy of the Yod. Here we have Hades, which as all elements may be expressed in a mature or immature manner. The mature manner associated with Hades involves Ancient Knowledge or wisdom. Cancer [nurturance/security] is also associated with the Earth. The 11th H is associated with social expression and therefore humanity and society. This could be expressed at many levels from guidance through astrology, to the influence of focused intent or prayer, to achieve ones 'heart's desires/wishes' which is also an energy associated with the 11th H. Otherwise we have the immature expression which involves corruption and disease. I Trust we will take the 'Higher' road in our creative expression regarding what form we choose to structure these changes. The Grand Trine is still active involving Neptune, Jupiter retro, and Venus con Kronos. A Trine is a flowing aspect supporting the flow of energy. Neptune ruler of Pisces in Pisces in the 8th = 8th H is about transformation; Pisces is the 'ideal', with Nep being about connecting the dots at a Cosmic level. Venus refers to values...what is valued, as well as valuables. Con Kr Cancer 12th = Cancer is about nurturance at a core level = Life. Kr represents authority, suggesting an opportunity to take a Spiritual authority to support life, and JupR Sc implies a review of an expanded comprehension of what our core truth IS about. It is at 15*51' which is a strong point at the center of the sign...in the 4th H which symbolizes 'home of soul'/Core Truth; in Sc [Scorpio = depths of reality/existence Sooo, succinctly, I'd say we have a significant opportunity and Cosmic support to choose a new perspective and approach to what we are co-creating upon the planet. I trust you will join me in recognizing this potential, choosing Love and Life. It will take effort as indicated by Mars squaring Uranus. The square suggests the challenge is for humanity to take action in daily life regarding the materialization of these changes. 6th H = daily life experience, Mars = Action, Aquarius = Human society. Let us bring our awareness to the task.

We begin this analysis of the New Moon [NM] of 5-15-18, occurring at 7:48am in D.C. 24*36' Taurus, with a look at the signature of the chart. The Ascendent [Asc] or Rising Sign gives an overall quality or focus to the chart. NM Asc is 23*59' Gemini [Gem]. Gem is mutable air and intellectual in nature and dealing with the 'local' environment. Rudhyar's Mandala interprets that degree's symbolic vibration as: 24* Gem = Children skating over a frozen village pond. The use of inhibiting circumstances for the development of character and a transcendent approach to the environment. Winter symbolizes darkness and the restrictions imposed upon living things by cold. Natural life is in a state of hibernation or inward-turned activity. Yet the developing mind can learn to use restrictions and the disciplining power of 'cold' external responses to rise above the outer 'freeze' and to grow in strength and skill. Man is nature rising above the cyclic oscillation of natural polarities. His way is often the via negation. He learns rhythmic freedom [skating] by using the most binding situation [Ice] to demonstrate his transcendent capacity for pleasure and self-mobilization. Here the 4th stage symbol presents us with a special technique. It is a mental technique inasmuch as it is through mind that man can transcend the entropy of the universal process of existence. Man's triumph over entropy.

The symbology here as I connect the dots I've been watching for years suggests our opportunity to use our mental power to work with the Earth and peacefully transcend. The Earth has been talkin' and although she intends to work with humanity...it would be helpful for humanity to consciously participate in Harmony with Life. With Venus at 25*08' Gem in the 1st H [House of Individual/personal expression]; humanity is given intellectual understand through the personal filter of what is valuable to each individual. This awareness, so that we may 'plan' [Pallas in Gem] how we may create nurturance and security [Cancer] if we will apply the ancient wisdom offered by astrology and other mediums of communion with Consciousness [Hades and Kronos Can 1st ]. Uranus 0*0' Taurus 11th [Ur 0* a new cycle of dramatic change in 11th = society/humanity, Tau.= in the material world] This is very significant and as it is in Taurus, we will see the results in the flesh. This coupled with the energy of 'New Seeding' inherent in a NM generally, expands the suggestion of notable beginnings. Sabian Symbology for the NM = 25* Tau = A vast public park. The cultivation of natural energies for collective use and recreation.  At this final stage of the sequence of symbols focusing on emotional-cultural values, we witness the positive and impressive results of man's collective endeavor to live in peace and to enjoy moments of relaxation. The public park is designed and kept for the enjoyment of all the people of the city. A symbol of Collective Enjoyment. The individual finds in the products of his culture an emotional enhancement born of the feeling of 'belonging' to a large, organized, peaceful whole. The Universe calls the collective consciousness to awaken to what is of value relative to community and the creation of Peace, supporting Life. This NM is in the 12th H of subconscious or spiritually focused energy, which may take time to bubble up to conscious application, as we review how we relate with others [Saturn retro Cap 7th ] in that quest for the 'Higher Vision' of Capricorn. The MC [Midheaven = Status in the world, the reality of life expressed on a global scale] is 1*05' Pi [The beginning of Pisces = A fresh expression of the 'Ideal'] with Nep [Neptune the most elevated = closest to the MC, giving it greater weight] and Nep being about the Cosmic or Spiritual [beyond the mundane] focus. In summation...we are at a significant new cycle, which will be brought into material expression through our mental definition of what is of value for our personal nurturance, reflected through our relationships within community; as we complete action [Mars 29* Cap 8th of Transformation] toward that 'Higher' goal [Cap], reviewing at an expanded level [JupR Sc 5th ] our core passions, we intend to create in the world in alignment with the ideal [Trine Nep most elevated Pi 10th ].  An auspicious beginning for Humanity to succeed in co-creation with the Universe of our Maximum Potential.  

Updated Astrological Info to follow

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